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Herbert Fielding

To Charleston County School Board

A candidate with thirty years public service to South Carolina. Herbert Fielding is Seeking Educational Excellence for Charleston County and beyond.


About Herbert Fielding

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  • Thirty years public service to South Carolina
  • Past Manager of the Veterans Services unit at the SC Dept. of Employment and Workforce
  • Awarded the Best Class V Office in the state in 2015
  • Assistant Commissioner at SC Blind Commission, a US Dept. of Education sub-program
  • BA degree in Political Science from Charleston University
  • Committed to academic excellence
  • Will promote a professional study of the security status of the county school system
  • Will reduce the level of acrimony which currently exists
  • United States Navy Veteran

Improve our Schools

Support Our Teachers

To keep good teachers we must pay them a fair and competitive salary — South Carolina has fallen behind our neighboring states in teacher pay and we must catch up. Teachers, and children, also need smaller classes so teachers can teach and students can learn in a safe and reasonable environment.

We need to reform the standardized testing requirements which hinder teachers’ ability to teach and students ability to learn what is most important.


Vocational Education Programs

Support increasing Vocational education in public schools and improve on-the-job training opportunities available for seniors in vocational programs.


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